Do you know your sleep is also affecting your clothes? Yes, the clothes you wear in the sleeping time are directly or indirectly affect your sleep. The fabric you choose as your sleeping suit is a very important thing. Today we will learn what are the various fabrics you can choose as your sleeping partner and how they affect your sleep.


Cotton is very common and also considered as a very soft and cool fabric. This fabric is very soothing and makes your sleep very amazing. This is a lightweight fabric and never irritates you while sleeping. But they are not good for winter season because they are considered as bad insulators.


Silk is considered as very soft fabric as well as a fabric which can control the body’s temperature while sleeping. The problem is this is a costly fabric and everyone cannot afford them. They need extra care to maintain as well.


Wool is a fabric which is recommended for winter. But if you are sleeping in already a hot room then doesn’t wear wool while sleeping because it may cause your body overheating. So be careful while choosing wool for your nightwear.


Flannel is a very comfortable fabric and recommended for winters. This is less warm than wool but it provides body proper warmth it needed. Flannel may irritate your body so be sure before buying. Because it can make you allergic to so many things which are actually very dangerous and not good for health.


Fleece is also a winter fabric which cans keeps you warm throughout the night. Again this is not as much as warm like wool. This fabric does not offer any air circulation so you may feel warmer, to avoid this choose your fabric wisely.

So now you know about all the fabric which is made for the night time. I personally recommend cotton for the summer and flannel for the winters. The bed mattress can also affect the choice of your fabric; if you will choose adjustable beds then they may be good for your health. Check all adjustable beds reviews for more.